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Family Lawyer Singapore

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Our family practice provides a comprehensive entire suite of affordable and quality matrimonial services dealing with both contentious and non-contentious divorce.

We appreciate that a divorce can be an emotional, time-consuming and chall enging process and that for most of our clients, this is their first encounter with legal system. Hence, our experienced lawyers are ready to guide our clients at each step of the journey to ensure that clients understand their rights and obligations and are not overwhelmed by the various legal jargon, technicalities and court procedures.

Where permissible, our lawyers first seek to attempt mediation as a way to ensure an amicable settlement on the grounds of divorce and the various ancillary matters.

Our comprehensive range of legal services is as follows:

  • Contentious Divorce
  • Non-Contentious Divorce
  • Division of Matrimonial Asset
  • Maintenance for spouses and children
  • Family Violence (Exclusion and Personal Protection Orders)
  • Annulment of Marriage
  • Judicial Separation
  • Child Adoption
  • Deed Poll (Change of Name)
  • Ancillary Matters:
  • Child Custody
  • Care and Control
  • Access Rights
  • Cross-border marital matters

If you are dealing with legal issues related to your marriage, divorce, child custody, child adoption, or any other family law-related problem, then all you need is a good family lawyer in Singapore to manage your case on your behalf.

What is the role of a family lawyer?

Family lawyers assist you in making the best possible legal decisions. They are trained to manage your legal problems, which can be draining both emotionally and financially. Apart from fighting your case in court, they also play an important role in negotiations for fair settlements. Whether it’s a divorce issue, distribution of assets, adoption, or child custody case, you can seek guidance from them.

Why do you need a family lawyer in Singapore?

Here is why you must have a family lawyer:

Distribution of Assets

In Singapore law, the criteria for asset distribution depends upon factors such as the duration of the marriage, your contribution (direct and indirect), the volume of assets and other factors. So, before you go on and file a case for divorce, make sure to consult a family lawyer. He will help you with how you should proceed with your case because all your decisions have consequences.

Help with Divorce Issues

Filing for divorce isn’t as easy as it sounds. It involves a lot of legalities that only a well-experienced family lawyer can handle. According to Singapore legislations, you can only file for divorce on certain grounds; otherwise, your application to obtain a divorce will be rejected. This is where you need a qualified family lawyer in Singapore to guide you legally throughout the divorce process.

Child Custody Cases

If you file a child custody case without understanding the legalities, you might end up losing the case. However, if you consult a family lawyer, they will efficiently help you in settling the case and making the necessary amendments to the child custody agreement.

The Estate and Wills Case

If you own assets such as property, jewellery, or a car and you want to ensure that they are distributed according to your will after your demise, then you should contact a family lawyer. They will guide you in writing your will and make sure that it is followed.

Child Adoption

Child adoption is a complex process that involves a lot of documentations. A family lawyer will manage all the requirements of a child adoption case so you can remain less stress-free throughout.

Act as a Mediator

A family lawyer in Singapore helps in resolving disputes within the family and comes up with a solution that is in the interest of all parties.

Why choose us?

If you are looking for an experienced family lawyer in Singapore to handle your matrimonial or other family issues, then you have come to the right place. At Exodus Law Corp, we have experienced and qualified lawyers who will provide the most effective solutions to problems at affordable rates. From filing the case to handling all the documentation and legalities, our family lawyer will take care of everything so you can remain at peace. Want to book your appointment with our efficient lawyers? Leave us a message and we will get back to you.