The ELC Way

1. No Two Clients are the Same

We understand that in all our dealings with our clients, it is often the human issues that drive the relationship with our clients and that every client is unique.

2. Our Service Standard

At ELC, we strive to provide professional, affordable legal services with a personal touch that is geared towards making a difference in the lives of our clients; be it personal or commercial matters

3. Our Approach
At ELC, we pride ourselves in tailoring innovative solutions that place particular emphasis on practicality.

4. Structure
ELC has a lean structure which ensures that our lawyers are visible to our clients and are highly responsive to clients’ demands and needs.

5. Our Clients Make Us Who We Are                                     
ELC values our clients and would typically offer a no-obligation initial consultation which would allow us to better understand our client’s needs and situation and to provide a brief assessment of the case.

6. Fee Arrangements
We understand that our client appreciate greater price certainty, hence, after our initial no-obligation initial consultation, we are often able to provide a fixed fee quote for an agreed scope of work. A percentage of the fixed fee quote is payable upfront and schedule for fee payment will also be provided to you detailing the various instalment payments to be made as the matter progresses.   

7. We Listen and go the extra mile
We understand that each and every client is unique. Hence, during the no-obligation initial consultation, we are often able to present options according to the circumstances of the client. We are lawyers who go the extra mile and provide that extra personal touch, we are ELC. 

*We do not charge Goods and Services (“GST”) for our legal services.