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The entire process of divorce is complicated, overwhelming, and emotionally draining. In this emotional state, if you plan to apply for a divorce by yourself you might end up making the biggest mistake. This is why you should always go for hiring a professional Divorce law firm. They have professional and qualified lawyers who will manage your divorce case in such a way that you don’t lose your rights to marital property or child custody.

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Divorce Process: Types of Divorce

Uncontested Divorce

If both parties agree to all the terms and conditions of the divorce, then they can proceed to file an application for an uncontested divorce. The process of uncontested divorce will take about four to six months and the legal cost is low. The terms and conditions include:

  • Grounds of the divorce
  • Division of assets
  • Child custody
  • Maintenance for the wife
  • Maintenance for the children

Contested Divorce

On the other hand, if both the parties have any disagreement among the above 5 terms and conditions, then they may require a judge to resolve the issue for them. For this purpose, they will go on filing a normal divorce application. It may take between four months to over two years and the overall cost is high.

Syariah Divorce

If both the parties got married under Muslim law then there will divorce will also be dealt with under Syariah law Singapore.

Are you eligible to file a Divorce in Singapore?

According to Singapore divorce law, your divorce application will only be accepted in the Family Justice Courts if:

  • Either you or your spouse is a citizen of Singapore or resided in Singapore for at least three years and
  • Your marriage must be at least three years

Note: An exception may be made in case of cruel behaviour or any other hardships.

What are the grounds for Divorce in Singapore?

Singapore’s court will only accept your divorce application if there is no possibility of reconciliation in your marriage and it falls under the following ground:

  • Adultery: If your spouse has committed adultery and it is unbearable for you.
  • Unreasonable Behaviour: It includes abusive relationships, failing to provide necessities and other such factors.
  • Separation with consent: When both parties have separated with consent for at least three years (Without any physical relationship). In this case, this separated spouse should give written consent.
  • Separation without consent: When you have been living separately for about four years (Without a sexual relationship). In this case, the separated partner is not expected to give any consent.
  • Desertion: When your partner has left you without any plan of turning for more than two years.

How our Divorce Lawyers will help?

Our divorce lawyers Singapore will concisely explain the Singapore divorce law and guide you about the potential situations that can occur in the Family Justice Courts. They will design the most efficient plan to ensure the best possible outcome that falls within your budget.

Here are some of the other benefits of hiring a divorce lawyer Singapore:

  • Find out if you meet the criterion for filing the divorce
  • Examine the possibilities for protecting your liabilities
  • Recommend healthcare specialists in case of child custody
  • Negotiate various concerns such as spousal support, joint matrimonial assets, etc.
  • Discuss multiple options relating to divorce
  • Assist you in understanding your concerns and legal rights.

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